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Interview originale (réalisée en Janvier 2008) :


Personnal Question :

- Since when do you love Wrestling? And How did you discover it?
RVD: I was turned on to wrestling when I was about 14 years old. All my friends loved it and I eventually gave in and watched it with them. I was hooked!

- Who were your favorites wrestlets back then?
RVD: I was fascinated with Leaping Lanny Poffo because his moves seemed original and more entertaining to me. In the same way, I admired Brady Boone and Owen hart. Just like everyone else, I got wrapped up in the hype of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and I always liked Hercules Hernandez.

- Since when are you a professionnal Wrestler? And where did you train?
RVD: I joined the Sheik's wrestling school in December of 1989. Prior to that I had been training myself and even wrestled in front of crowds to open kick boxing shows, but I was no professional!

- Wich wrestler are you trying to refer to for your own personnal Wrestling style?
RVD: I never tried to pattern myself after anybody, and I would also never recommend for anyone to try to imitate my style. That's what being original is all about.

- What is your best moment in wrestling? And, of course, your worst.
RVD: My best moment was winning the world title from John Cena at One Night Stand. Bringing ECW back and using that environment to showcase my talents was an unmatchable moment. My worst moment was probably seeing the spirit of ECW brand destroyed by the WWE office.

- Is there someone that help you choose to wrestle for a Living?
RVD: I had a friend who was at my first live show in 1985 or so. She put the idea in my head and I never thought of anything else until I could make that happen.

- Regardless on the Federation your were working for, what rivalry (storyline) bring you your best personnal moment?
RVD: Jerry Lynn and I bring something extra out of each other that no one else could bring. We challenged ourselves for those matches and the outcome was the best of my career.

- Do you keep contact on other Wrestling Federation?
RVD: Yes, they hope I will return shortly. I don't know how long of a break I will need, but it will not be short.


WWE and TNA’s Question :

- When you were in WWE, were you missing the time Wrestling was more on wrestling match and less on Storyline and entertainment?
RVD: Yes. I'm not a fan of the story lines that make up the show there. I don't enjoy that part of prowrestling.

- Do you still talk to your old co-worker with WWE and TNA’s wrestler? If yes, with who?
RVD: I still keep in touch with all my friends. I'm filming a reality show called RVD TV , available at and I will have everyone on my show. I've already filmed Justin McCully (UFC), Tito Ortiz (UFC), Samoa Joe(TNA) Booker T (TNA) , Chris Masters, Sabu, Sandman, Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy.

- As you did not re-sign with WWE, why did you wrestle for the show celebrating the 15 Years of RAW?
RVD: It was a no-brainer. It was an easy, one-night only deal that got a huge response from the crowd.

- Did you received any proposition from WWE and TNA? If yes, did you answer them?
RVD: They both have asked me if I am ready to talk about returning to wrestling. I have told them both that I am not ready, and focusing on RVD TV at the moment to show my true self to the world instead of the 2 dimensional character they will show you.


On Catch Fans :

- If you had any message to the Francophone Fans (from France, Belgium, Québec…), including us at Catchfans, what would it be?
RVD: Please check out RVD TV at . I would love to get response from these other countries, and I hope some day to visit you, whether I'm wrestling, filming a movie, or just vacationing!

Thank you for the time you gave to us. We will send you a copie of the interview we’ll published on our Forum.
RVD: Thank you guys. I appreciate the opportunity to reach out to fans on the other side of the world!
Have a Vantastic day!

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