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Interview originale (réalisée en Janvier 2008) :

Dear Catch Fans, The Ultimate Warrior respects your interest in not only my career but my legacy. For latest news, pics, merchandise, and multimedia check out my personal website at

- What was the most important fact in the choice between you and Sting for the Ultimate Warrior gimmick?
UW: I apologize for being so blunt but I obviously had the physique, intensity, and power to play the Warrior character. Sting was a great in ring competitor but he could not match the power and the glow that I had brought with me into the squared circle.

- If it was possible, wich wrestler, that you never faced before in your career, would you wrestle with in the sqared circle?
UW: If I had to choose one wrestler I definitly would have to say The Iron Sheik. He is a tumor of a man growing more and more ingested with pus every time he makes an appearance in the wrestling world. He has the talent equivelant of a clogged toilet.

- Wich Wrestler had been your inspiration?
UW: The Ultimate Warrior.

- What was the best moment of your career, and, sadly, the worst?
UW: My best moment of my career would have to be beating Hulk Hogan for his World Championship at Wrestlemania 6. I have watched that match each and every morning since that very day. It pumps me up and keeps me motivated to reach out to the little warriors every single day.

My least favorite moment of my career was definitly when the so-called voodoo master Papa Shango put a spell on me. The on air footage was stupid and degrading to myself but it was a couple of video clips that were only aired in certain parts of the world that really fueld the fire. One being a video clip of myself on a toilet with awful explosive farting sounds which was just a stupid idea Vince has thought up with. It was embarrassing and outrageous. I had a few choice words with Vince and just like a little rat that he is, he backed down and removed the clip from broadcasting in the U.S.

- What bring you to become a professionnal Wrestler?
UW: The Gods from the Heavens above.

- Regardless the federation, wich feud did you enjoyed the most?
UW: My favorite feud would have to be with the Honky Tonk Man. I absolutely hated Elvis and I hated sideburns.


On WWE :

-What are your thought on the WWE of today and the one you wrestled in?
UW: WWE today is absolute garbage. I do not watch it anymore but every once in a while I may flip through and catch a few minutes of it. I've seen more plastic from the so called Divas on Raw than in a Beachball Warehouse. The gimmicks of today are just not what they used to be. Old School WWF was and always will be the greatest time of the wrestling world.

- Do you still talk with your old co-worker from WWE or TNA? (like Steve Borden, aka Sting)
UW: Who? I mean, No. I do not.

- Would you accept to be in the WWE’s Hall of Fame?
UW: As long as Vince would let me clothesline himself and half of the WWE roster who degraded the Warrior's name and that total burial of my career DVD of there's.


On WCW :
- From all the time you spent in the WCW, what was your best moment?
UW: Watching Hulk Hogan blow a flame in his own face and picked food particles out of The Disciple's beard. ( Ed Leslie )

On Catch Fans :
- If you had a message to the Wrestling fans from France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland and other Francophone country, what would it be?
UW: Do you feel the power of the Ultimate Warrior?
Thank you and always believe, WARRIOR.

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