Tito Santana - VO

Interview original (réalisée en Mai 2008) :

1. Can you talk about your day-to-day life? What is the life of the Great Tito Santana?
TS: I teach Spanish at Eisenhower Middle School in Roxbury, New Jersey. I help my wife Leah at our Hair Salon on Tuesday afternoon's.

2. What has been your reaction when you learned that the WWE chose you to be induct in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004?
TS: It has been something really special to me. I never thought about how big an honor it was going to
be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

3. What memory do you keep of your career? We, at CathFans, wish that you are proud of all the work and good moment you gave us, are you proud of them yourself? Did winning several titles in several different federations help you being proud of your career?
TS: I just finished my Book titled Tito Santana "Tales in the Ring", and Sargeant Slaughter did my Forward. He stated that at one time in the middle 80's I was getting more mail than any one int Fed, including Hulk. I thought that was pretty cool since I was not getting the push Hulk was getting.

4. You had a rich career in the squared circle, but if you had to keep only one memory of all your accomplishments, which one will you
keep? On the opposite side, what memory would you like to forget first? Is there a wrestler or a team you never faced you wished you had?

TS: Beating Greg in the cage was my greatest fullfilling moment. The reaction from the fans was unreal. I would like to forget ever becoming the Matador. I wish I had gotten a World title match when I was in my prime. It would have been interesting.

On wrestling:

1. What were your thoughts of the last WrestleMania and the last match of The Nature Boy Ric Flair?
TS: To be honest with you I did not watch it. I kinda can't believe he was still wrestling. I do not know how his body has held up, especially with the bumps he takes.

2. As wrestling became more Entertainment than Wrestling, what do you think of the turn it took?
TS: I believe it is a different business. It will never be like it use to be. Now it's a A TV show. The WWE is as big as ever, but the quality of overall matches is not the same.

3. What memory do you keep of your association with Rick Martel? Are you still in contact with him?
TS: Rick was always in a great mood. The road was tough, and some guys did nothing but bitch and were miserable. We made the best of it.
When I first met him in 1981 when we were in the AWA we got real drunk in Winnepec, Canada.

On Catch Fans :

If you had any message to the Francophone Fans (from France, Belgium), including us at Catchfans, what would it be?
TS: I always loved the way I was treated bu the fans in France. I have a Book coming out next month, and I would love to come promote the book there if I could find a sponser.

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